The Burford Group

Burford Group aims to reshape the future of Australia’s construction industry. Burford’s brands are Approve It HQ, Australian Dilapidations, Aus Structural and Resort Furniture.

Michael Burford is the founder of Australia Dilapidations, Resort Furniture, Aus Structural and Apprvit. In 2017 Michael Burford was named in the 'Top 30 under 30' by B&T. At just the age of 22, Michael began running his first business which has proved to be of large success. Since then Michael’s business had led him to 7 businesses in numerous industries. Michael has not limited himself to traditional means of business. He is presently utilising technology in order to reshape the future of Australia's construction industry. This new method has global application.




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Planning proves for success, our brands recognise that identifying goals and objectives to be achieved is the best practice for all our clients. This service allows us to be organised and work efficiently allowing our clients to have involvement during the process.
Expert reporting skills allow the Burford team to accurately make an account or statement describing in detail an event, situation or as the result of an observation and inquiry. Our dilapidation reports are our specialty as shown through AusDilaps.
Structural Engineering
The Burford Team conduct engineering analysis and guidance that your building or project requires – whether that be structural engineering on your residential, commercial or industrial project. Structural engineering coincides with planning and reporting.

Our Clients

Our Projects

Queen's Wharf Brisbane
AusDilaps worked in conjunction with ProBuild carrying out Dilapidation reports for the Queen's Wharf project.
Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
AusDilaps were contracted by SHAPE to conduct dilapidation reports for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet building.
Epping to Thornleigh Third Track
CPB Contractors utilised AusDilaps to conduct an array of dilapidation reports for the Epping to Thornleigh Third Track project.